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Story 6

"What if he is still doing this to other girls?"

I was 19. I had just completed my A levels and had a jaw surgery. I slimmed down and looked prettier. 

A former officer that I knew back when I was in my secondary school uniform group messaged me on Facebook. We haven't been in contact since our NDP days when I was 15. My impression of him was good back then. He seemed like a proper man and was respected by many.

Subsequently, he started talking in a way that made me uncomfortable. Complimenting my looks and telling me that I would fit well into his arms etc. I couldnt remember all the details as it was 7 years back but i do remember that things he said made me really uneasy. I deleted him off my facebook and cut all contacts with him. I was so scared and we had many common friends. Will others believe me? I truly regret being a coward. I wished I had exposed him back then! What if he is still doing this to other girls?

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