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Story 32

"Many people shared the story of a male serial sexual harasser." 

At the Chinese New Year gathering, many people shared the story of a male serial sexual harasser. This man is in his early 50s. Let’s called him KK. He put on a serious face for the past many years as disguise to harass female victims. In 2006, he was asked to leave his ex transport company as he had harassed a number of female staff n they lodged complaints to the management. He was asked to leave the company. He left to join other industry such as marine, leisure etc. He rejoined the bus industry in 2016 by joining a new bus company as operations manager. Unfortunately, he did not change his sexual harassment behavior. He continued to harass female staff. The female staff lodged complaints to the management but the management didn’t take any action against him. He denied molesting them. The female staff were upset n made police report. Upon police investigation, he confessed to the police that he molested the female victims. This time, he was asked to resign from the bus company. The female victims had made the right choice by making police report to prevent him from further sexual harassment of female victims in the future. Justice is sort of done for the past female victims though it came late. Thanks.

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