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Story 13

"I was harrassed constantly at work."

I learnt a lot of men has an unhealthy fixation on power over women and women's obedience towards them.

My ex-company had a handful of "old guards". Complacent, lecherous men who believe that touching women is a compliment to them, as long as they kept their hands away from breasts and privates.

I was harrassed constantly at work. 
- My supervisor had grabbed my butt, ran his hand up my thighs and forced hugged me whenever I was in the same place as him. He constantly said what he could do with me sexually, and kept proposing to have sex with me.
- Another colleague did not go as far but would constantly make sexual jokes about me during informal department meeting. He bullies me at work, whenever he can. 

While the physical harrassments stopped after I made a non-related complaint about my supervisor, the jokes went on and I felt really dirty every time it happens.

In my current workplace, I also experienced a handful of unnecessary harassment from men. Less brazen, but it doesn't make sexism and mildly-sexual harassments acceptable. It only made me angrier. 

All I could do is to feel thankful for havinng male colleagues who were more well behaved. From these incidents, if anything I learnt having a boyfriend or spouse won't change a thing about how these men treat you. The terrible ones would see us as another conquest. The mild ones would jeer at us for being prudes.

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