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Story 23

"I still feel fear going to the office everyday. "

I joined my company last year May 2016. A male colleague came to be helpful to me. About 2 months later, I started to feel he was monitoring my whereabout and being touchy. 

He used company Skype chatted with me everyday till I start to become aloof to him.

At the foodcourt, when I was looking for food from the stalls. He would look at me from a distance. 

When I was lunch with a group of colleagues, I tried to avoid him when they split into 2 groups. I pretend to go to eatery A. I make him walk in front of me then I turn to eatery B with another group. A while later, he followed.

When our group colleague drove to somewhere for lunch. I used to take his car. I started to feel discomfort so I take another colleague's car. He would not drive and joined me.

During lunch, he listened to my conversation with other colleagues.

When I stopped asking IT help from him. He saw me seeking help from another colleague. He stared at me.

One of the colleagues invited a few of us to his baby shower at Bishan. On the day itself, I received 4 missed calls from him. He wants to come pick me up without telling me if he was convenient. 

I told him stop being touchy. He did stop but few days later he was touchy again. So I started to being aloof to him.

When I started aloof to him. I never eat lunch with the group as he will join the group. He still find way to talk to me everyday. 

I did informed my boss but being a newcomer I told him I don't want to report to HR.

In end Oct last year, he left. It was indeed a relieved to me.

But he rejoined the company April this year. I was genuinely want to forgive and forget about what he has done. Initially, he was fine. But I started to feel harassment from him. 

My boss just left the company in mid Oct this year. Before he left, he told me he forgotten about my incident with him when he allowed him to rejoin.

Spoken with another senior person. I emailed to HR. The arrangment is the senior person will give him warning.

Maybe he will not do anything funny against me but as long as he is still appearing in my life. I don't feel good. The unpleasant memory kept flashing in my mind. 

I still feel fear going to the office everyday. I never know when he will harrasse again.

Words of comfort doesn't solve my problems. I did made calls to counselling hotlines. They asked me to visit their center. I don't know if there is a differ from talking to them through phone.

Please tell me what I can do. Thanks.

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