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Story 36

“I said nothing as I didn't know how to approach this.”

I have never spoken about the harassment i experienced and since I am writing an essay for my assignment and found this site while I was doing my research. 

When I was in my early 20s, I was working in technology company with a homogenous environment of mostly salesman. One of the salesman tried to force himself on me when he sent me home after some drinks session. He kept telling me he was horny. I never brought it up cos I knew his girlfriend and was afraid they might fell out. I didn't tell any of my male colleagues or male manager as well cos i was afraid i might be embarrassed. 

I moved on to the next job in a media company and being salespeople, we usually had drinks session with the entire team. somehow i ended up chatting with my manager's boyfriend (and now husband) and he ended up trying to kiss me. Again, I said nothing cos i didn't know how to approach this matter

I moved on to an events industry and i was working v closely with a consultant who helped my colleagues on speakers and topics for events. So as a team manager, i was always in touch with me to follow up on matters leading up to the event. We worked on a number of events together and during one of the networking sessions he must be tipsy and again he tried kissing me. After that, i never touched base with him any longer and shortly left the company

I avoided hanging out with people for drinks particularly when you have worked with them for some time and they think they can get away with you cos they had helped you before. I wish that I should have known better and raised the alarm and not let them get away with it.

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