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Story 35

“I never felt so humiliated in front of so many people.”

I am currently in 2nd year law school in one of the best universities in my country. It is known for being a very hard school on there students, we study a lot and endure a lot of humiliation. My story starts with one of my teachers, we used to get along quite well until he changed completely his attitude towards me.
Keep in mind I was always his best student in my class.
He started to humiliate me in class saying that I couldn’t participate (bear in mind that my grade is 50 percent class participation). He would say that he should have failed me that I needed to be more “appealing” when talking.
That no one was paying attention to me when I was talking.
That I was dumb and that everything that I said was wrong (when I knew it wasn’t).
The he started saying that if I didn’t said helllo to him I couldn’t also talk in his class.
He would pass really close to me and push me when I saw me in the university halls.
He walked ready close to my knees.
Every class he would humiliate me and make me almost cry . He noticed that and he smiled.
My class used to joke all the time about the situation and it made me fell really bad.
One that (in the end of the class) he asked me:
“Are you mad at me?”
I said yes we ended up talking 15 minutes close to one of the university bars. I told him he humiliated I told him everything I felt.
I told him I was afraid he was going to fail me.
He said sorry. He kept on saying sorry.
Weeks later I had his subject exam I was to nervous. It went badly. I thought he was going to fail me.
He gave me instead 14 (a very high grade for my university). But he said “It wasn’t a 14 it was more like a 6”.
“Are you not going to thank me for what I did for you?”
I thanked him.

Weeks later while I was attending my friends oral exam (oral exams are in big rooms open for everybody to come) he was there with another teacher.
He called me by my full name (he always does that) and said out loud :
“What are you doing here ? Don’t you have anything else to do ? Are you also going to do an oral exam?
I said I was seeing my friends exam and supporting her.
The other teacher then said to me out loud:
“You abuse your luck. Just because you were lucky once doesn’t mean you will be again.”
I never felt so humiliated in front of so many people.
My teacher continue talking to me out Loud while other people were doing there oral exams.
“You want to ask him/her a question?”
“Do you know ....?”
Later I decided do leave the room and he said to me:
“I spent the entire semester calling your name. I called you so much everyone knows about us.”

Two weeks later it was my oral exam. It was with the other teacher he humiliated me called me names and said I deserved to fail.
He said I knew nothing. He kept on saying that. He didn’t let me talk in my on oral exam.

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