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Story 19

"Boys are often victims of sexual predators as well."

I was 17 when it happened. Was having my breakfast before school at a hawker centre in the west side when he sat down and started chatting with me. He wanted to exchange numbers and wanted to make friends. He was a middle aged man and appeared friendly. I was young and gave him my number without second thoughts.

Before long, he started asking me to go swimming with him. I had no suspicion and did not see any reason why not since we are both males. During the swimming sessions, he often brushed 'accidentally' against me with his crotch or against my crotch but I thought nothing of it. Even when we were bathing after the swimming sessions, he would always try to show me his genitals in the shower room.

Then that day happened. He asked me out for a meal at the south side and offered to pick me up in his lorry. After the meal, he suggested we go somewhere more comfortable but I wanted to go home. We were both in his lorry at the carpark, which was deserted during that time of the day. Immediately after my refusal, he held his hand over and squeezed my genitals. Then he demanded I do the same for him as he started to unzip his pants. I was shocked and exited the lorry and just ran. He did not contact me again after that.

It has been 16 years since that incident and I have sinced moved on. Just want to share that not only girls get targeted. Boys are often victims of sexual predators as well.

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