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Story 14

"An announcement about his promotion was released just 3 weeks after my complaints"

There is [a man] in my company who targets many girl[s] (usually fair, petite and who deem to look vulnerable). I was put into the same team as him when I first joined the company 3 years ago. He started being very friendly with me, messages me via Lync every morning. I started to feel uncomfortable when he stared at me throughout the whole meeting even when someone else is talking. Then he started to message me like 'You look really hot in black.' 'Your photos pops up on my screens' 'your fingers are so long' 'I am MBA- married but available' 'you should find an[other] boyfriend since you are talkative and your current boyfriend don't' 'you should have told me about your BKK trip so that I can plan mine around yours'. He will always appear behind when I shutting down my laptop, walking past my desk and staring at my breasts even when he shouldn't be appearing there. I found him waiting at the bus stop (without his bag) when I was waiting for buses, I received notification from LinkedIn that he viewed my profile consecutively for 3 days until I blocked him on all channels. However, I couldn't stop him from 'eye-raping' and staring at me in office that gave me a creepy feeling. After 2 years, I decided to voice that out and lodged a formal complaint against him during March. My HR took up the case, spoke to him (of cos he retaliate) and his manager. The most stunning thing was, an announcement about his promotion was released just 3 weeks after my complaints. He was only asked to write me an apology letter. Btw, this is his second time a woman lodge a complaint against him. And I continue to peruse this matters as he was still stalking me and staring at me. Last week, his new boss recommended to have a mediation session with him. They hired an external psychologist to do the mediation. And I was asked to meet the psychologist to have face to face with her before the mediation. I told the HR that I do not want the mediation because this man is sick, not me. My HR asking me to move on. I told her that it's obvious that they wanted to sweep under the carpet and close this case. I wanted to escalate this matters to higher management, even to my CFO who is a lady (and talks about Women's power). My stake is really high and I may lose my job. What should I do? Should I let this guy off and go into mediation or should I persu?

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