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Story 8

"All he wanted was to take advantage of me"

Ok. So i was really admiring this guy because in my prospective he was cool as he could do some break dancing. I found him to be really good looking as well and i was like, β€œIs he from heaven?”. So i always make an effort to catch his last performance after work. Sometimes i dont mind spending 1.5h of travelling time from home to his workplace just to watch his performance. And guess what. 
There was once i was on the way home after a hectic day at work. I was walking to the MRT with my colleague when i saw him ( lets name him CA) 
I was so happy and i kind of abandon my colleague just to chill out with him and his colleagues. 
They were drinking and CA gave a can of beer. He was kind of forcing me to give it a try even tho it was my first time taking alcohol (im 17yrs old). Soon after i was pretty dizzy and i couldnt walk properly. However i need to head to the toilet at that point of time. 
After i came out of the toilet, he immediately pushed me into a handicap toilet which was beside the ladies. He shut the doors quickly and pressed his lips against mine to prevent me from shouting. He pushed me to the wall and started reaching in my clothes to touch my body. As he was reaching for my chest, i tried pushing him away as hard as i can but obviously hes stronger than me( DUH HE IS A BBOY ). I was so weak and dizzy as i was really drunk and he took advantage of this moment to molest me in the toilet. 
I pleaded him to stop multiple times as i was feeling nauseous and my vision was blurred. Soon after he stopped and he anxiously asked me to keep my volume down. I was too weak to even shout anyway. When he pulled me out of the handicapped toilet, he begged me not to tell a soul about what he just did and it was a secret between the both of us. I was confuse and hurt as i could not believe i admired such a person for close to A YEAR. Did i just waste my time and effort for someone this disgusting? All he wanted was to take advantage of me instead of appreciating my support for him. 
Up till now, he still send me sexual videos and pictures. He even asked me to visit his house someday. Imagine what would he do to me.
CA is so disgusting that i couldnt even describe accurately how gross he is. From molesting me to asking me for nudes. ( he even ask me to video call him while im bathing ) 
My 2017 was great,but he ruined everything. 
I have no guts to report this because it makes me feel like im so cheap that he could molest me so easily.
Whatever, im done with guys. Thank u for reading my tradgedy - 2k17.

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