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Story 26

I was living in a shared flat in London and my housemate (a guy) had a friend (also a guy) visit for the weekend. I met his friend briefly in the afternoon and had a chat all three of us. 
I went out and then went to bed at around 11.

At 4am I woke as I felt a presence and realised in the darkness of my room that there was a man standing over me while I slept. I immediately backed away and tried to protect myself with the covers while yelling 'who are you? What the f*** are you doing in here? Get out!' 

It took a while before I realised it was my housemate's friend who I'd met in the afternoon. He was trying to drunkenly explain that he needed somewhere to sleep and that we'd had some chemistry that afternoon and he thought I was pretty and a nice girl. I was still yelling at him to get out to no avail and he started trying to come closer and get into bed with me. In a panic I jumped out of bed and started physically pushing him out of my room but he was resisting and wouldn't budge. He had a beer in his hand. Then I shoved so hard that he left. I shut my bedroom door and couldn't sleep for the rest of the night. 

He tried to explain the next day and said he was drunk but I said that's no excuse to scare a girl like that by creeping into her room and forcing your way in while she's asleep, then, even worse, not being phased by her freaking out and clearly being scared and wanting you to get out - that didn't seem to stop him. 

I bumped into him a year later again in a bar and again he came up to me and tried to apologise but I told him he was disgusting. I was too upset so I left my friend's party early.

Story 27

Story 25