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Story 2

I was in Barcelona walking down Las Ramblas (sort of the Burke Street equivalent of Barcelona) to get a late night ice cream, when a women grasped my hand and said she knew me. I took my hand back and told her I'd not seen her before.
She then said 'no, come on, im gonna suck your ****." As she said it two other women came from behind and grabbed both my wrists so that i couldnt break free.
Fortunately i struggled free and ran away but ive learnt so much from it.
1. I know as a male sometimes it might be difficult to fathom why it would be so scary, but let me tell you it was Absolutely. Fucking. Terrifying. After that experience i have so much more understanding when someone tells me they've been sexually harrassed.
2. Secondly - - - that was ONCE. ONE time and its stayed with me every since. I cant even imagine how horrible it must be having to deal with that all the time.
3. Thirdly, men are often an afterthought in this kinda thing - and i get that. But it goes to show that no one is immune from it. And that sucks.

Story 3

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