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Story 24

I was 23 when I moved to Boston for my dream job. Then I met the leader of my function, a Senior Executive. He made me uncomfortable from the start. He would push me into my cube to hug me, call me into his office and tell me things like "I'm going to jump over the desk at you", and when I'd travel with the executives, he would say things "I wish you'd come back to my room" and "the things I'd do to you if we were alone". It wouldn't stop. I would tremble anytime I was around him and avoided being around him altogether. When I finally got the courage to speak to someone I was told that it was very much in character for him, that it would be my word against his, and that if anyone was to end up leaving the company, it would be me. I felt helpless and terrified that I'd have to keep dealing with him. Lucky for me, he ended up leaving the company for another opportunity about a year into my role. I still think of the other women he could have done this to and I regret not speaking up even more and even louder. So now, I encourage every woman to do so, because even though I never got this, I want them to know that they are heard and that this is not ok.

Story 25

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