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Story 21

This happened in a bus company in Sg recently. The male operations manager **** is a serial sexual harasser. About 10 years ago, he harassed a number of female staff in his ex bus company and was asked to leave the company after the victims lodged complaints to the management. He left the industry subsequently. He rejoined the bus industry recently but didn’t change his sexual harassment behavior after so many years. After joining the new bus company, he again harassed female staff. The female victims lodged complaints to the management. Sadly, the management didn’t take it seriously. The female victims were upset n made police report. Upon police investigation, he confessed to the police that he molested the victims. He cried crocodile tears n apologized to them. He was asked to resign. This time, he didn’t manage to escape scotfree as justice was finally done to prevent him from harassing female staff again.

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